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 Brb Jtaging Rules

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PostSubject: Brb Jtaging Rules   Brb Jtaging Rules EmptyWed Jul 07, 2010 10:16 pm

- 1. Racism!
We don't wants you to post any sort of racism to another players

- 2. The rules!
Read the rules and follow them
Evryone is welcome to post.
These Rules you WILL HAVE TO follow in the CHATBOX too!

- 3. Hidden links and other stuff!
Do not post /have in signature hidden links to RickRolls
Do not post /have in signature hidden/links to trojans and all sorts of virus.
Do not post /have in signature Links to experimental software, such a self launching game applications

- 4. No sort of advertsing
No sort of advertsing text

- 5. Oh no, my eyes!
Continuing the spam specific guideline: Everyone likes to be able to read forums without going blind. Please refrain from posting spam, or other "nonsense" which serves no purpose. This includes ascii drawings, seizure inducing animate gifs, excessively gory or violent images … As well includes, meaningless or unproductive posts or replies .

- 6. Be Friendly
These forums are for everyone, so treat others as you would have them treat you. Be a real player and show respect to your fellow player. Please consider that for many players, English is a second language. Also consider that all players do not have your wisdom, game skill or general understanding of the game.

- 7. No flaming
An extension of points 1 & 3 really, other people will have different opinions than yours, that's their right. Don't flame someone for disagreeing with you. In turn, don’t post topics that will incite flaming, be thoughtful in your choice of words when composing your topic.

- 8. English only
Please post in English so everyone understand what you are talking about, if not translate it to english.
translate:(Por favor, publique en Inglés para que todos entienden lo que están hablando, si no se traducen en Inglés.

- 9. No scamming will be tolerated! So if you are caught you most likely be IP banned!

- 10. Make sense, not war
When you start a new thread, try to use a title that makes sense. If people can easily see what you want to talk about, they will be more likely to open your thread and talk with you.

Some examples of inappropriate thread titles:

•“Help me” “I need help” “I have a question” ‘READ ME” “URGENT”

•“ WTF” either in abbreviation or fully written out

•Swearing of any sort

Some examples of inappropriate content:

•Excessive ranting

•Vulgar language

•Attacks on other players

Don't make multiple Staff applications! -If you make more than one Application, the second one will be deleted after you have been warned. another one will result in a second warning and the third will result in the loss of ability to post in that section.

STAY ON TOPIC - stay on topic in the forums, if you dont the topic will be locked and/or removed

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Brb Jtaging Rules
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